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Founded by Randi Mannsåker, Consensio Coaching offers skilled experienced coaching which can be the catalyst that moves you forward to success and happiness. Coaching is grounded in the present, focusing on the future and not the past. As such, coaching creates action-oriented goals. By identifying goals and creating an action plan, a coach can help you focus on achieving success. By keeping you on track and encouraging you to think outside the box, a coach can propel you forward and move you to the next level of success. Coaching provides the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from a trusted and non-judgmental person. Consensio Coaching's programmes are designed to be both challenging and inspirational.

Vision statement:
'Our vision is to generate energy and transmit it to others enabling them to realize their full potential, achieve their goals and continue personal growth and development.'

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"Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential"
Anthony Robbins

Different types of coaching

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