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Expatriate Coaching

In this climate of global business and mobility, companies invest substantial amounts of money in re-locating families and individuals. In order to achieve the best possible return on this investment it is imperative that the expatriate and family integrate into their new environment and find their place in the new society. Adapting to change is often a challenge for the individuals and the expatriate and family can often find themselves struggling with making the necessary adjustment. During these times, the expatriate normally finds themselves managing the cultural adjustment process alone - and having a difficult time doing so. Experience shows that timing is important, and that the first 2 to 6 months are crucial.

Expatriate coaching provides specific support for all involved in the assignment, including the employee as well as the accompanying spouse. For the accompanying spouse, expatriate coaching can provide career guidance as well as support in establishing a new routine in the host country by identifying goals and objectives during the time abroad as well as a road map of how to get there.

It is a dialogue between the expatriate and the expatriate coach to establish values, beliefs and goals and to then identify a plan to meet these goals. An experienced and good coach asks the right questions and has the right tools and techniques to empower the expatriate to find the answers suitable for him/her.

The role of a coach is to walk by the expatriates' side, if you will, and provide motivation, inspiration, and tools to help the expatriate define and meet their personal and professional goals while on assignment. As the life of an expatriate is constantly in change - emotionally as well as physically, expatriate coaching is delivered in a flexible manner. Consensio Coaching offers Face-to-face and telephone coaching - these are suitable options for receiving expatriate coaching, based on the logistical realities as well as the needs and desires of the expatriate.

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